Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dr Mercola Coupon Anyone Familiar With Metabolic Typing (Dr. Joseph Mercola)? How Do I Figure Out What My Metabolic Type Is?

Anyone familiar with metabolic typing (Dr. Joseph Mercola)? How do I figure out what my metabolic type is? - dr mercola coupon

I only saw a few videos on YouTube, as we had a lady who used to write to treat the metabolic program of Dr. Mercola varies'd to health problems in the past. The name of the lady is Luci Lock. Is anyone familiar with these videos and the program of Dr. Mercola Health Total? I am very interested in trying the program but do not know where to start? Certainly can not afford to do the program, the Mercola site costs on average U.S. $ 3,000 and may, at the center of the well-being, carried out in Illinois. He has a book titled Dr. Mercola Total Health Program: 150 Delicious Recipes-free grains and good metabolic type plan for the prevention of disease, optimize weight and live longer. Can I understand my metabolic type by reading this book? Anyone who has tried this, and know what I mean, please let me know how I find my metabolic type.

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