Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Female Stomach Sitting Does Anyone Have This Kind Of Stomach Pain?

Does anyone have this kind of stomach pain? - female stomach sitting

Sometimes I feel is pain in the stomach, as it begins in the chest and the only way if I go to bed for a few minutes feels. If I do not sleep as soon as possible after it starts, will move to my chest. The hard to describe, we feel a sharp pain. In his first, but not bad, how is it even worse, he moves on my chest and sometimes in the worst cases I have nausea and dizziness, and feels almost like a heart attack, like a stabbing pain in the shoulder or neck. But only if I did not lie down immediately after starting in the stomach. And as I sink almost immediately goes away. I have this pain very rarely, sometimes more than usual, but I felt hungry for two to sit too long or when I'm nervous ...... not quite, but usually when I'm hurt. What is it? Ive to the doctor and said it was likely that acid reflux disease, but I do not know. In the 22 years old, female.

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