Monday, November 16, 2009

Mastercard 2009 Rapidshare Citi Dividend Platinum Student Visa Card Or Wamu Platinum MasterCard?

Citi Dividend Platinum Student Visa Card or Wamu Platinum MasterCard? - mastercard 2009 rapidshare

I am a student, with two checks / savings accounts. I have with BOA and WaMu. I have these accounts for over a year, and I can honestly say that I manage my money well. I ask my first credit card, but do not know if they should be true for students credit card or Citi offered me. The rate in April Wamu told me is 11.99% and 0% from 1 July 2009. But some researchers found that the choice should have a credit card number of advantages. For example, the money back. What do you think?

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