Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Fortune Investments Limited If Israel Is Strategically So Important, Why Is AIPAC ( The Zionist Lobby) Losing Steam?

If Israel is strategically so important, Why is AIPAC ( the zionist lobby) losing steam? - best fortune investments limited

Even George Soros, the American Zionists ignored.
I have to stop this in Fortune magazine: On the face of a campaign to force public pension funds invest in companies in countries that finance terrorism, which - have been booming especially Iran -. Presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney support. The legislation will be introduced in Congress and in five states, including California. And 12 March the Committee American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful Israel lobby AIPAC, as is known, similar campaigns in ten states launched.

But the three-year divestiture movement has had only limited success, so far, admits lead attorney Christopher Holton of the Center for Security Policy, a conservative think tank in Washington, DC, not a single state passed a law, and only two state funds have appropriate steps

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