Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pokemon How To Get Shiny Umbreon Trading My Legendaries And Rare Pokemon For Shiny Pokemon?

Trading my legendaries and rare pokemon for shiny pokemon? - pokemon how to get shiny umbreon

Level 70 Groudon x2
Azelf Level 50
Level 70 Kyogre modest naive and 82
Mesprit Level 50
Magby magmariser Level 26, 22
Lugia Level 100
Zapdos level 52
Level 64 Latias
Modest Heatran lonely woman, 70 Men 70
Ho-oh-plane 100
Zapdos Zapdos level 55 as adament
Shiny Roselia
Level 100 Metagross
Shiny Umbreon Level 96
Palkia Level 47
Dialga Level 69
Voters called level 53 Zapdos
not brilliant

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