Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oxygen Lady Should I Sue The Elderly Lady Who Scratched My Truck With Her Walker And Oxygen Bottle?? It's Not My Fault She?

Should I sue the elderly lady who scratched my truck with her walker and oxygen bottle?? It's not my fault she? - oxygen lady

15 points were too far away. It was raining, and I knew that the pharmacy was closed in 5 minutes. What luck, the nearest point of the parking spaces available. Tinactin urgent need and gums. Anyway, I think I needed to rest, leaning against my car. Do you think you know where your tank? It could not be in a position to me his name, something with a tube in her nose done, but fortunately, the bottle was on the prescription and over all the information. Please, with despair. And to make matters worse, the truck is fairly new. If it were the wife's car is a matter that is not the

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