Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dvd-vcr Combos What Do I Need To Know About Dvd/vcr Combos?

What do I need to know about dvd/vcr combos? - dvd-vcr combos

I have a company and is in its output.
I want to buy a new device, but recently bought herself a new flat screen TV.
Searching online, many reviews say things like "Make sure you buy the right cables and others.
Should not assume that the cables are included? What most of these products are not compatible for the new TV again?


pastagee... said...

Yes, very often with the appropriate cables, usually a combo of video and two audio inputs for L and R are the latest things like HDMI is not a concern.

Richard H said...

Must be used with all televisions compatible. It's just that some manufacturers are cheap and do not care to, connecting cable. You probably buy a scart cable, which is pretty standard and very easy to obtain.

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