Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Europe Power Adapter Do I Need A Power Adapter And/or Voltage Converter When I Go To Europe?

Do I need a power adapter and/or voltage converter when I go to Europe? - europe power adapter

I will be lost to Europe in May and I am a bit .. I bring an adapter or voltage converter to use my American products in Europe?

Products such as digital cameras, iPods, curling irons, etc.

You can also use a product before for exactly? What is small and decent in price and quality? All suggestions are welcome!

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Martin said...

Europe uses, 220 and US-110. But today, many electronic devices such as laptops, digital cameras, dual-voltage is 110V and 220V compatible. But if not, then you are a power converter for 220V (Europe) must be 110 (U.S.)

The most important thing on the power converter is Watts. Check your electronic devices with a higher watt (I assume that the iron and curling) buy an adapter that supports Watts. For example, buying a curling iron converter consumes 800W to 800W or more.

If you go on vacation just might be easier to buy a curling iron, are at a low price 220th

Good luck!

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