Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rugby Studs Which Are Better For Rugby, Studs Or Blades?

Which are better for rugby, studs or blades? - rugby studs

If you are an end / back, and the need for speed as possible.


blm said...

It depends on the conditions - the leaves are best suited for an introduction of a wet dry nails.

uberansw... said...

If your Asian-type dry leaves are best, if not all of the pressure resulted from the pole and on the shin, painful cramps. However, if you are in an area with lots of rain and lush and rotational connector is best for you. Despite the bucket of the wing tip is illegal, but make sure they DONT want to raise if the ping check Stud If you really followed the taking 6 Stud is the home of Puma and Adidas are good for this

Nick C said...

Leaves! but only if you play in a small dry conditions, not wet and dirty!

if wet and muddy boots then 6 Stud!

Metal-tipped blades are the best, what I've heard, but plastic will do!

Nick said...

Leaves are usually designed to return because she is giving a better handle on the operation of tacos trench in the earth, an attacker would do well to take much to push

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