Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Abdomen Herpes Is It Herpes Or A Rash?

Is it herpes or a rash? - abdomen herpes

I met a man about 5 weeks. We had unprotected sex (I know, stupid). Well, we're about to meet again, and he called me and told me he had a small rash appears on the skin (on the tip of his penis in the abdomen), and his doctor he was told that this is herpes. I am appalled. The doctor said it was herpes, because he seems to be. He had a blood test and awaiting the results. I have an appointment tomorrow to check and to have blood work done. I saw that broke and it is really small. Seems there is not fluent, and not in a blister. There are some small red dots.

I'm going crazy here.

N herpes occur in areas other than the penis in the beginning? I have had no complaints and have no apparent reasonfor concern. Everything seems normal to me. If there is an epidemic not to? Since we both do not even certain types of vesicles in the mouth or something? Sounds like herpes?

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