Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black And Ivory Lines For Wedding Reception Can A Charmeuse Fabric Wedding Gown Be Dyed?

Can a charmeuse fabric wedding gown be dyed? - black and ivory lines for wedding reception

Charmeuse fabric can be dyed? I bought the girlfriend of David Ivory Style # Galina SV9563 later in my receipt and after the festival (we live in a city of 24 hours, it will be) an after-party till the early morning hours. I wonder if you can say ... stained black or dark brown back to me later for official business. My costume is a regular ceremony, traditional clothing line ... The CT203 Oleg Cassini, and my dress is always maintained. Galina for the dress she wants to win more than $ 850 from what I can, and I wonder whether it can be dyed to return? I love the dress in ivory for the marriage and would happly again if I could dye. Here is a picture of the dress of the site. Who do with this experience, or whetherYou can not ... Answers would be appreciated, thank you

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