Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bucket Of Margarita And Coleman Margarita Buckets Any Good?

Margarita buckets any good? - bucket of margarita and coleman

Has anyone tried the margarita mix in the bucket beside the point, you just add the tequila, too? Any good? Or would it be better simply because it is home? I feel a marginal. Party and try to reduce the cost of alcohol.


greaser greg said...

tastes like shit
cheaper and better way to do it myself.
Files will produce at farmers markets or wholesale distribution and money available. Add lemon juice, some orange juice to cut the bitter taste and very sweet. So instead of buying a pair of fifth get only half a liter, save well, cash. and Triple Sec Triple Sec is the brand does not really make a difference

angel_fi... said...

These things are disgusting! I tried again for the same reasons as you, but quite big - all sugar and gave us the terrible heartburn.

Simply mix your own launchers. You do not need expensive tequila margarita delicious!

Here is a recipe for 8 Daisies

2 cups tequila
3 / s, 4 cup triple
5 (6 ounce) cans frozen lime juice concentrate
10 cups ice cubes

Salt the rim of thick glass

They can be frozen - so yes, everything is mixed in a blender ingerdients.
I like my on the rocks

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