Monday, February 1, 2010

Can Your Cm Increase Before Your Period Can You Test Negative While Pregnant Even While Having Symptoms If It Is Before Your Missed Period?

Can you test negative while pregnant even while having symptoms if it is before your missed period? - can your cm increase before your period

TTC and I am sure that I'm pregnant. Even my annual review on Friday showed that my uterus was larger than usual. I had symptoms for 2 weeks, lower abdominal cramps (pelvis) of colored light for 1 day nausea - especially when they eat, and the symptoms gradually increase. Bb I had daily pain and become stronger. I had a surplus of "brat" cm type I had during my 1st Pregnancy. I have tried and tried and still come up negative, but my time is not on the sea makes it possible for me to become pregnant and have these symptoms, but not seen, because my HCG is too low? I hope that common sense. Any experience would be useful.


Irish Mommy said...

Of course, you can be! ;) My rule is that if you think being pregnant, act accordingly, but not dependent on evidence, at least until a period of time, missed. It is likely that their levels are simply not high enough and will not hurt to wait a couple of days and try again.

Good luck! ;)

aidas_32 said...

Yes .. If you want to go see doc. THT said, sometimes things dont work. :)

Jessica L said...


Mischele, RN♥ said...

If she continues to be negative, negative. Several tests can be tested up to a week before your period and still positive again. They are only 3 days before the period. Often people will be very hard trying to be pregnant "feeling" pregnant, but it is probably a logical reason to be otherwise. One could very well be experiencing the symptoms of PMS with cramps and nausea that can stress and anxiety.

A blood test can become pregnant as early as 1 week after conception and often recognize more than 11 days at extremely positive in the urine. Again on Wednesday, Try (unless) you arrive at the hotel. If one is negative, feel safer, not pregnant.

karateJe... said...

Yes! can be and, perhaps, run a test after the period of absence, or if your too impatient and I () and are looking for a blood test! Good luck!

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