Monday, February 8, 2010

Genital Conditions Does The Western Practice Of Genital Cutting To Mask Intersex Conditions Contribute To "homophobia"?

Does the western practice of genital cutting to mask intersex conditions contribute to "homophobia"? - genital conditions

No homophobia. But I do not contribute as much as the root.


Adam C said...

It is, as far as I know, not to the Western practice of female genital mutilation to hide intersex conditions. Circumcision is performed on boys for reasons of religious conviction or failure of the health benefits. Female circumcision is rarely practiced in the West, primarily an African thing.

So what are you talking about? No idea, but do not see how an "intersex condition could" to refer to homosexuality.

LSBN said...

I think not. I am not against homosexuals also know that some children are born between sexed. I think no one can say that it is analyzed according to and not in daily life.

I think that parents who have a child born from sexed they are not prepared for the state, have not done the research, not about the consequences they have for their children. And doctors just want to solve only the problem, not because many do not include gender identity.

Most of these decisions are made so that parents feel comfortable, regardless of how the children, as in a body that has been modified, to feel what society considers to grow in line than normal.

Yes, there are people who are against discrimination, inter-sexual people, but I do not really think that an important source for the promotion of homophobia is because, as I already said I do not think the average person is well aware that these diseases or affected by it.


jaypauld... said...

What Oyu round, havent cut my genitals. If you think circumsism and Popaul in America but not Europe, and most Muslims are here as Jews, so I do not know what impact they ar eon.
The question is meaningless.
I am not circumcised,

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