Saturday, February 20, 2010

Close Up Waxed How Do You Get A Close Shave Without Razor Bumps?

How do you get a close shave without razor bumps? - close up waxed

I know they want to shave your hair growth, but when I do, it's like you do not shave at all and there are pieces of disorder and it is difficult to say where I shaved, where T. Havn "

When I shave against the growth, I get this nice smooth shave, but unfortunately, after a day my skin for shaving.

I do not want to wax, because it takes longer and costs more time and hair removal products are expensive and not to mention the allergies a problem (although I might not trying) to any of these products.

Therefore, any idea?


Treadsto... said...

Change your razor regularly - every 4 shaves to 5. Rinse your razor thoroughly after each use and allow to dry in air. The Schick Quattro razor is my favorite.

Use a cream or a good shaving gel. Aveeno shaving gel for sensitive skin = my favorite.

Use a bath puff or expensive clothes w / shower gel and moisturizing soap in the legs to sweep dead cells.

Girly1 said...

When I shave my bikini line, I use erazor hair. There are several companies that do this kind of razor. Bare Intimate Shaving Council is like the one I use. Take the hair from his beard and leaves the bumps.

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