Monday, February 15, 2010

Pinnacle Usb Pctv 150e/55e Cant Connect Camcorder?

Cant connect camcorder? - pinnacle usb pctv 150e/55e

I have a Panasonic PV-GS15 camcorder and I want to export only the video on my PC. There is a connection, an S-video cable can be connected. I have the original cable, but I have an old Pinnacle PCTV 150e/55e that I can not connect to my model via USB, and connect the camera via S-Video connection. My computer registers the device from Pinnacle, but the camera does not, even after installing the drivers from the DVD.

I have no idea what to do ...

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TiddiVis... said...

Firstly, yu need an analogue to the digital divide (Pinaccle?) Since miniDV and DV digital video products.
There are 2 options for connecting to PC VCAM:
- USB Streaming is possible if it is your operating system for PC XP
- Required Firewire (IE1394 / DV), if the operating system Vista ... USB does not work
- In previous cases, S-Video is not required.

Here are some details:
VCAM must be a miniDV DV ~ **- FireWire400 connected to the computer to upload video through video editing or capture of the application, while VCAM in reproduction. The majority of (digital) have Vcam band, 4-pin DV cable connector before purchase ** check PC or Mac port for DV (VCAM @ 4-pin => Firewire => PC @ 4 / 6pin?). If not, install firewire card: Desktop PCI or PCMCIA / Express lAptop.
~ Http: / / ...
~ Http: / / /? R4 = _from ...

Entry-level Movie Maker * (Free w / Vista/wmm6 & XP/wmm2) is simple and easy to learn.
~ Http: / / / windowsxp / using ...
~ See the tutorial: ...

Upgrade intermediate (or advanced) accdg video editing applications. Needs and skill levels
~ Http: / / video-editing software ...

vĂ­deo-Vista/Wmm6 Assembly
>>> Move to open Start / All programs/wmm-> Task Pane
1. Import video editing application streaming remotes **- VCAM, importing images and music
2. Edit-drag and drop video files-> timeline & enhance w / transition effects, music and songss
3. Publish (make) - Save the movie (OK for YouTube), but also file Project.msmmw

>>> Sharing: The program-DVD (DVD Maker, Nero, DVD Flick, burn, etc.) -> on DVD
~ Http: / / / guides / Be ...

Again: XP/wmm2- Capture / Edit / Finish, and then shares
Supported formats:

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