Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Hang Drapes How To Hang Drapes In A Tight Corner Window Without Seeing Any Rod?

How to hang drapes in a tight corner window without seeing any rod? - how to hang drapes

My honey and I are accustomed to linen curtains, and they are no bars. He loves going to the bars, the kind where the curtains on the hook and wrap it around the wall. I would like a cornice board, so do not worry about the glasses ... He says he is confident that he make a path on a board cornice resolve and find the walls ... one day ... (We have rebuilt the foundations so that it does not know the number one priority for him, but made room in his mind and the budget for me to do this.) I like, because this house was built at a time when Windows is not necessarily framed with studs, as they are, or something that I do not understand. The question is, who wants to please me, but I doubt it will be short term anyway.
How do you know about TraverseBars on a curve? I give the Council every cornice and jazz, so I can not wait to make people happy and not for something that can not work very well.
Do you have any other ideas for us?

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lovin life said...

Another idea is a tie rod in the window frame. You can even hang then cut around the rear window. Just a thought.

Good luck

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