Sunday, February 14, 2010

Japanese Full Face Diving Mask Japanese Looking? (Picture)?

Japanese Looking? (Picture)? - japanese full face diving mask

The people, as friends.
I say that Wikipedia in Japanese / Chinese
Looking at how my eyes are
Your opinion
The picture is like my eyes to see.
This is not my face is sold out. Sorry (=^_^=)
I have two photos of my eyes together.
Thank yooh \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt ;*_*>
BTW, I'm not Japanese.


Ori-Hime said...

They have Asian eyes, jap, but not necessary.

JD said...

If your eyes Japanese - and this is the correct way to say, people! Japanese. "Japanese" is very offensive and can not believe so many people who responded have been used. I hope that you are responsible to stop, too.

emmy36 said...

The eyes of my friend and see in South Asia. Yes, you are lucky enough to do too much, and his eyes are very pretty. Most of the oriental girls are awesome ... with the eyes, as if it were a good thing in my opinion!

samantha said...

the fact, but your eyes are Asians, because they prefer a definition of the difference from others that are completely flat, eyelids and eyelashes yuck

rockstar... said...

You're pretty Asian to me. but not a bad thing.

Ashley . said...

Yes, you are like a race in Asia

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