Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Philly Cigars And Case How Do You Flavor A Cigar?

How do you flavor a cigar? - philly cigars and case

I want the taste of a cigarette, when a Philadelphia or a white owl. What I thought I could buy a cheap cigar in my local shop, quickly immerse themselves in a kind of KoolAid drink fruit juice or soda as a "sure they can not dry and break into a cold and dark. I want my cigarette Stong, an impression get on the grounds that the Phillies never seem to enjoy the great taste. in the case of failure, there are suggestions on how I can enjoy a cigarette?


whatokye... said...

You can buy candy flavored oil / extract is sold in some supermarkets and department stores, craft and try to concentrate on something and pulled the cigar. You can also test the extracts in the corridor of the kitchen to the grocery store, such as vanilla extract, I think they are the result as well. Even if you find something like the strong taste of the feel, the cigar in a Ziploc bag for a few days and has the smell of what is included in it.

If nothing else works, try to prime time little cigars that are strong flavored little cigars, cigarette size.

Tina said...

If you try to spice up a cigar with a fruity taste, with a can of soft drink or even KoolAid is difficult because cigar smoke does not even play sticky. You too can the leaves into a cigar alcohol brandy soaked dried and then is good for you pleasure of smoking!

dawg said...

Ask Bill Clinton

Herfnerd said...

Why would you smoke a cigar and then?

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